Saturday, October 6, 2012

Doing Lunch

So, I was going to write an epic post about my first ever agent-editor-author lunch from my trip to NYC and talk about how delicious the celebratory desserts--salted caramel sundae w/candied peanuts & popcorn, zucchini cake w/cream cheese frosting & candied limes, and chocolate cake w/frozen concord grapes, hello!--that the three of us shared at the ultra posh ABC Kitchen complete with full color photos and antidotes...then I forgot to take out my camera.

*palm to forehead big time*

I did manage to get a shot of me in  my new Xanadu, the YA stacks at the Strand Bookstore, though. Check it out to the right there. I'm reading the novel that will be my novel's stackmate come 2014! The author's name is also Beth, so I sure hope they play nice in lieu of a Night at the Museum style throw down to prove who owns the most Bethly honor. I'm writing under my full name, "Bethany", so, not to be bias, but my novel will have a 3-letter advantage on the opposition. Also, some guy on the Staten Island ferry that day mistook me for a French girl, so. Just sayin'.

Back to super fab agent-editor-author lunch with my super fab publishing people (sweet Baby Love of Karam I have "people"!). The reason I forgot to take out my camera or even remember that was part of the plan was because I was having a real moment. Y'know, one of those times when a link snaps into place in that eclectic chainlink bracelet (or necklace if you so fancy) we call life and things sort of slow down and your brain does you the favor of  mentally stepping back so you can appreciate and accept this moment, this link, as reality: You are actually living this bit of a dream; you own real estate on Cloud 9.

While I was up there, we discussed the market (dystopia is still leading the pack in YA, but contemporary "reality" stories are slowly making a push for the top spot--go Team Contemp!)  and how a sliver of optimism is wedging itself back into publishing by way of a handful of self-published authors making the switch to a more traditional publishing route. 50 Shades may have clashed with your sensibilities, but these "naughty" authors just might put the romance back in publishing.

But the best part about doing lunch was discussing ideas for future projects with two woman who were genuinely interested and excited about them and have the power to make a whole shelf full of future dreams come true. There's something exhilarating about being around people who are passionate about their jobs--and mine. It makes me unbelievably grateful that those people are now my people. It sure makes neglecting friends and family and sleep and this blog and locking myself in the Writertorium to obsessively work on my inaugural official revisions seem less anti-social/mad scientisty and more teamwork.