Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some Loss of Glitter May Occur

This warning label (see picture) on my kick-errific new Converse is pretty much my daily nightmare. I'm standing in the middle of a room with hundreds of expectant eyes staring at me with a blaring white sign draped around my neck: Due to the Unique Characteristics of Material, Some Loss of Glitter May Occur During Wear. You will loose your ability to write quip-y dialogue and glitter no longer!

Nooooo! I need all my glitter to concoct YA fabulousness! Ahhh!!!!

Just let me dry the cold sweat from my brow. Okay, I'm back. I was so happy when I got this glittery  purple pair of shoes from my lovely mom (who still takes me on sporadic shopping trips ☺), but now I feel like they're glaring at me from my closet, implanting irrational tones of self-doubt in my head as I write.
*I have since instated a closet shut rule in the Writertorium.

I know I'm not the only person who suffers from self-doubt, but mine seems to come at the most unexpected times. Like when everything is (seemingly) going to plan, which makes the self-doubt also irrational and baffling. Does anyone else feel unjustly confident up until the moment when justification finally comes along?  Sorry that was a bit Seussical; it must be all the glitter tongue tying me up. Simple version: When does self-doubt wear off your glitter and how do you deal?


Friday, March 11, 2011

Leaning Tower of Pisa Syndrome

Ok, so I admit staying up until 3:30am last night was probably not the wisest decision since now the back of my head is doing this dull ache thing and I go all Leaning Tower of Pisa every time my eyes close for more than 10 seconds. But I didn't have to go in to Day Job today (AWESOME!), and I really wanted to respond to the "I'm getting ready to send out the manuscript, but" email I got from my agent yesterday.

I needed to do a read through to catch embarrassing typos like "I walked threw the open door" before officially sending off my little bundle of pages to the world. It'd been almost two months since I'd looked at my bundle because I've been keeping myself sane during the publishing waiting game by working on a new novel--which I am totally excited about, finally. Of course, now the process will be waylaid by Leaning Tower of Pisa Syndrome, but that usually only lasts a day...two tops.

I have to say, though, the read through was a little like biting into a candy from one of those unlabeled boxes of chocolates without a chart of flavors. (I'll spare you the rant I have stored up for the lazy confectioners that manufacture said boxes.) I kept getting all these little surprises along the way that I'd forgotten I'd added or changed along the revision road. And even though I knew the ending--which even the lucky few who got to read previous drafts don't know!--it was a little like not reading my own book. I kinda dug that.

Anyone else recently re-read something they'd written or just a fav book and gotten a coconut surprise with the familiar chocolate coating? If not, take a bite. I promise no praline crap moose filling. Really, unlabeled box of chocolates, praline?


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Potato, pot-ah-to...wait, no one says pot-ah-to

The farther I get into the process of (hopefully) publishing my first novel the more I realize how clueless I am about said process, and not in the posh "Whatever" Alicia Silverstone kind of way. Like when I asked my agent--who is fabulous FYI--to let me know when the manuscript is officially out on submittal to which she replied, "Out on submission!" (Exclamation point and everything.) Potato, pot-ah-to, right? Um yeah...except no one says pot-ah-to. My bad.

Moral of the story, I'm a newbie to the publishing world. We're talking hangin' with the lowdies on the grassy knoll new. (Bonus points if you get that Clueless reference.) Which is why I'm incredibly grateful to have such an understanding group of fellow writers/crit partners and friends & family that take my quirky newbie-ness as least that's what I assume when they laugh and say, "You're crazy." To which I grin and reply, "Yes, I am and it's fabulous!"

I sure hope there are other people out there that take "crazy" as a compliment, and I hope they comment on this post so we can skip 7th & 8th and see the new Christian Slater movie together. (Sorry, had to sneak in one more Clueless reference for good measure.)