Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some Loss of Glitter May Occur

This warning label (see picture) on my kick-errific new Converse is pretty much my daily nightmare. I'm standing in the middle of a room with hundreds of expectant eyes staring at me with a blaring white sign draped around my neck: Due to the Unique Characteristics of Material, Some Loss of Glitter May Occur During Wear. You will loose your ability to write quip-y dialogue and glitter no longer!

Nooooo! I need all my glitter to concoct YA fabulousness! Ahhh!!!!

Just let me dry the cold sweat from my brow. Okay, I'm back. I was so happy when I got this glittery  purple pair of shoes from my lovely mom (who still takes me on sporadic shopping trips ☺), but now I feel like they're glaring at me from my closet, implanting irrational tones of self-doubt in my head as I write.
*I have since instated a closet shut rule in the Writertorium.

I know I'm not the only person who suffers from self-doubt, but mine seems to come at the most unexpected times. Like when everything is (seemingly) going to plan, which makes the self-doubt also irrational and baffling. Does anyone else feel unjustly confident up until the moment when justification finally comes along?  Sorry that was a bit Seussical; it must be all the glitter tongue tying me up. Simple version: When does self-doubt wear off your glitter and how do you deal?



  1. Beth,

    I'm so b/dazzled that I used your name for a PW.

    I don't doubt you although I might doubt myself.


  2. You must really trust me since now I have your PW. ;) Thanx for commenting!

  3. I doubt all the time. Rarely do I feel super confident. I don't think you are alone. Sometimes just reading other people's stories inspire me and I try to focus on the writing and enjoying the process. I have confidence in you like Ellen. You write great.

  4. I'm inspired by other author's work as well, Natalie. And thanx for the props. You're too kind. :)

  5. you are not alone at all! Oh my, I feel like this all the time. I feel like this right now, actually, as I'm writing my new WIP.

    I trashed ten YA manuscripts because I felt they were pure crap.

    My advice to others who feel the way I felt: Never trash anything, even if you do feel like it was no good. Weeks, months, years later you will look back at old writing and see how you've made progress and you may even realize that your writing was fantastic and you were being too hard on yourself.

    All writers go through this. If you enjoy writing then keep at it and even if you have moments where you feel it isn't any good or not as good as you'd like it to be, keep writing anyway. You can always go back and make changes to a completed works, but you cannot make changes to something never written.

    I'm very confident you will make it through all this self-doubt and achieve success with your writing goals!

    PS: I'm digging your blogger background!

  6. Rae,
    Thanks for the comment! Sometimes--OK, probably more like daily--us writers need a positive boost from someone who understands. I checked out your site. Your debut novel sounds fabulous. I'm a sucker for a love triangle and yours sounds tres unique. Can't wait to read it.

    PS Your WIP progress bar on your site is beyond brave. I would go nuts trying to fill that thing ASAP. :)

  7. Thank You Bethany!

    As the date inches closer to the book being available, the more nervous I get.

    & the WIP progress bar, When the Muse Fairy visits she doesn't just sprinkle ideas for one novel, she drops down tons of them! & that could be a good or bad thing... [considering I have an extreme relationship with the delete button]

    But I'm hoping it turns out to be a good thing.

    I have novels lined up to last me a while. I'm going crazy trying to keep up with myself, lol.

    : )

    Good Luck with your writing projects!! I wish you the best!

  8. I feel the same way, Rae. (Thanks for making me seem normal-ish.) I wish there was an army of me so I could simultaneously write all my novel ideas. Although one lowly Army of Beth member would have to trudge off to Day Job for me. I feel kinda bad about that--not enough to not do it though. :P