Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BOOK DEAL 2.0 (Cloud 9 kicks Earth's butt)

Did I mention I landed my first book deal exactly one week ago? Oh. 'Cause I TOTALLY DID!!!!!! And Cloud 9 kicks Earth's waiting for emails, nervous anticipation, tired from hitting refresh for the 30th time on AOL, will I ever get published?, jittery butt. They should bottle this feeling and sell it--celebrity fragrance deal, I am ready. (Yes, I operate under the delusional assumption that I will some day be famous enough for tweens and soccer moms alike to want to smell of me. Didn't you know, that's how you get a book deal?)

*Rerunning the celebration*



(My BF is Peter dressed as a woman in this celebratory scenario that is strikingly accurate to what went down last week after I received the "Deal memo" email. )



  1. That's so awesome Beth. You must be jumping up and down. I'm excited I might get to interview you and get an ARC. And hopefully go to your book signing. Yay! And can't wait till you can say where you sold your book.

  2. Thanks, Natalie! Of course there's an ARC and interview w/moi in your future. :)

  3. You have a cool blog and it would be great if you could check my blog out as well and maybe we could follow each other?