Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BOOK DEAL 2.0 (Cloud 9 kicks Earth's butt)

Did I mention I landed my first book deal exactly one week ago? Oh. 'Cause I TOTALLY DID!!!!!! And Cloud 9 kicks Earth's waiting for emails, nervous anticipation, tired from hitting refresh for the 30th time on AOL, will I ever get published?, jittery butt. They should bottle this feeling and sell it--celebrity fragrance deal, I am ready. (Yes, I operate under the delusional assumption that I will some day be famous enough for tweens and soccer moms alike to want to smell of me. Didn't you know, that's how you get a book deal?)

*Rerunning the celebration*



(My BF is Peter dressed as a woman in this celebratory scenario that is strikingly accurate to what went down last week after I received the "Deal memo" email. )