Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Happy, Joy Joy--BOOK DEAL!!!

So remember that time when I had the biggest most amazing news in the history of ever, but my borderline irrational belief in karma and jinxes kept me from sharing with anyone? Well, the stipulations of jinxes has expired with the arrival of an email in my inbox, and I can officially announce that in 2013 2014 I will be a published young adult author!!!!!!

Let the epic celebration (with no foreseeable end) start! Ren & Stimpy, take it away...

Happy happy, joy joy! Happy happy, joy joy BOOK DEAL!!!!! joy joy! Happy happy, joy joy!

Thank you to everyone who supported (and still supports!) me and my admittedly creepy fascination with "dead girl" books. To all of you along the way that selflessly gave me your guidance and patience and blind faith. And told me I was "tourable." I owe a piece of my joy to you--and a signed book!