Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rock the Drop to Support YA Lit!

It's that time of year again. YALSA’s annual Support Teen Lit Day is upon us this lovely April 12th just in time to pull us YA-ers out of our Easter jellybean hangovers. As always, the crew at is promoting a share-the-wealth campaign aptly named Rock the Drop. The idea is to spread some YA love with your fellow humanoids by "dropping" a YA novel in a public place for an unsuspecting--lucky--someone to discover.

Make sure to print off the picture above (generously provided by David Ostow for our fabulous sponsors Figment & ReaderGirlz) and tape it to your "drop" to clue your recipient in to Support YA Lit Day. Such a good cause; such a good time. Have fun with it. And by fun I mean stakeout your drop location and snap a photo when your lucky recipient finds their book-o-gram and you holler "Once you go YA, you never go back!" People love that kind of thing, right?

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