Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Day in the Life

Since I haven't posted anything in 4 months (wow, that's embarrassing!) I thought I'd treat you to a day in the life of writer Me. As oppose to works 2 day jobs then rushes home to write Me since I'm on vaca from day job this whole week! Woot woot!

6:00am: Wake up because I'm too hot. Throw covers off, try to go back to sleep, then decide to hop ship into the guest room bed so BF won't wake me when he gets up for work.

8:49am: Wake up (for real this time) and force myself to stay in bed until 9, which is my designated start-your-day-or-you're-a-worthless-slacker time when I don't have to muscle out of bed at 7:15 for day job. Didn't want to cheat myself out of those precious 11 minutes!

9:00am: Eat leftover au gratin 'taters for breakfast while reading this week's EW. Feeding the body and mind!

9:30am: Quick shower. Then back in the PJs. Before you judge me on this one, I recently discovered a direct correlation to my writing productivity and how binding my outfit is. Tight pants = creative block. So there's a method to my seemingly lazy madness. Once my water bottle is full and computer's booted, it's writing time!

11:05am: Sell my old car. Who knew?

11:35am: Back to writing!

1:30pm: Lunch break. Frozen tortellini with veggies. Cook time: 10 mins (in which I can still write). If you're confused by my mention of cook time, read this past post for explanation.

1:45pm: Back to writing!

2:45pm: Stuck on a line of dialogue, so I attempt some well overdue yard work. Get to pet the neighbor’s dog—bonus!

2:55pm: Solution to line of dialogue issue miraculously forms in my head, and I drop my shovel and run inside to get it down.

3:30pm: Stuck again. Back out to finish yard work.

4:00pm: Back to writing (again)!

5:30pm: Get dressed and go to my weekly writers crit group where I'll regale them *sarcasm applied liberally* with a new chapter from the novel  I'm working on while I wait to hear back from my agent about my soon-to-be out on submission novel. Oh, did I not mention I checked my email about 32 times throughout the day to see if she's sent me anything? Hmm, must have slipped my mind. 

9:00pm: Get home from writing crit group and finally eat dinner while I go over comments and suggestions from writing group. They tell me I have too many kissing scenes in the first 60 pages. Hm...

9:15-11:15pm: Catch up on some QT with my DVR (oh, and the BF). Last week's Awake, 16 and Pregnant (Briana's ep is no joke!) & Up All Night are up tonight!

11:15-12ish: Read in bed to BF's dismay. Torn between The Fault in Our Stars by John Green , The Catastrophic History of You and Me by Jess Rothenberg ,and Handcuffs by Bethany Griffin . Handcuffs has an edge for obvious reasons (I share a name with the author, hello!), but my agent suggested I read You and Me, so You and Me wins.

12:12am: Eyes start to hurt. To sleep with me now.