Friday, December 30, 2011

Things that Kept Me Sane(ish) in 2011

It's that time of year again; the yule tide time. A time for friends and family and food--oh the glorious food! While I would love to recount the numerous (14 to be exact) flavors of pie I sampled this holiday season, I thought it might be more relevant to commemorate 2011 with a list of favorites. So here they are, in no particular order, the Things that Kept Me Sane(ish) in 2011:

1. Holiday card from my literary mgmt team- This one came late in the year, but man did it kick me into finish-this-draft-so-I-can-submit-it-to-my-fabulous-agent-before-Dick-Clark-rings-us-into '12 gear. Note to DGLM: you may want to start sending out Arbor Day cards or Autumnal Equinox cards to keep your authors motivated.
2. Story Engineering by Larry Brooks- This book on writing craft opened my eyes to why I landed my agent, but not yet an editor. And, more importantly, empowered me to change that (hopefully!).
3. Adele's "Someone Like You" -I must've listened to this song 478 times to capture the mood I needed to be in to feel out my characters. Plus, bonus, the video is a Paris-based Scorsese (although I linked to the live version 'cause I love hearing her delicious accent as she discusses).
4. Metric , Kelly Clarkson, The Joy Formidable - Again, mood capture-ers. And the occasional procrastination station dance party.
5. The return of Libby Gelman-Waxner to EW- Libby's new/old column, If You Ask Me... is witty, honest without being mean spirited, girlie without apologizing and pop culture hungry. This is what inspired me to start writing. (See Dec. 16 issue of Entertainment Weekly for the IYAM glory.)
6. - As you can tell from #3 & 4, music inspires me. My obsession with learning the lyrics to every song I hear--even the cringer-worthy crappers--makes for lengthy playlists for every novel I write (and read). Grooveshark had me rockin' to literary soundtracks all year.
7. The non-twangy side of Taylor Swift -My (new) main character likes pop-country. There, I said it. *The video I linked to is not Taylor Swift, nor the official video, but damn if this girl didn't commit to twirling that Miss Sparkle Girl Autumn--that's a real title. Check it out--dress to it's lyrical lengths. Kudos Noelle248!
8. Sour Gummy worms- Brain food. YUM!

9. I was disappointed when I realized it was only an Animal Planet special, not a series.

10.Sons of Anarchy -Bikers aren't my thing, but solid story telling and Charlie Hunnam are (proof below).

It's on Tuesdays on FX. You're welcome.

And Things that will Surely Get Me Through 2012:
Ryan Gosling Reads YA- Who says your Canadian-turned-Hollywood crush doesn't totally get the books you read (and is Team Gale)? One more reason to want the final item on my list.

(Fingers crossed) Getting published!!! I may be shooting my book karma in the foot just by typing this, but I want it and have been working hard for it, so I'm saying it. So it is written, so it shall be...pretty please with grinning baby sloths on top.

What's on your lists? I'd love to hear so I can add it to my 2012 list. HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!!