Tuesday, June 28, 2011

4 Days and Counting (Unfortunately)

The saga that is my buying a house (for the first time) continues. I spent over 3 weeks dealing with mortgage lenders and realtors--not a punctual or friendly/helpful lot on the whole--only to be saddled with 4 more days (and counting) of non-stop physical labor, sweat, and bruises. (I was going to insert pics of my multi-hued legs here before I realized they look like they belong to an overworked stripper.) As you can tell by my over usage of parenthesis in this post, I am wrought and a big part of my woes is that I have not been able to write--or read--in two weeks!!!

*Serena from Sailor Moon will illustrate my head spinny scream now.*
*Thank you, Serena.*

I had to end the madness somehow, but I have a box spring to get out of my kitchen. Alas, this post will have to hold me over until my kitchen is box spring-less and my bookcases are reassembled and refilled with my lovelies. (I feel like a bad foster parent keeping them locked away in suitcases this long.) Okay, that's my last parenthetical passage. (They're comforting. I can't help it.) Until then, wish me luck and tell my manuscript, computer, cat, hair, wardrobe, REM cycle, etc. that I'm not mad at them; just bogged down with reality.

P.S. Reality sucks! I want back in the pseudo reality of the Writertorium.