Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jordan Catalano is baaack!

Something miraculous has occurred and I feel I would be doing the entire TV viewership an injustice if I did not share. The miraculous event I speak of is the reemergence of  My So-called Life in syndication! (Airing Mondays at 11pm on Sundance channel.)

Go ahead Generation X-ers and Y-ers, screaming is merited here because this means two essentially amazing things. 1) We get to relive our Jordan Catalano teenage dreams through the never aging Jared Leto. I'll give you a sec to let the picture below stir up some of those memories...

OK, and 2) A whole new generation of girls will be exposed to the fabulous insanity of Angela's identity shifting dye job (hello red!) and friends like Rayanne and Rickie and, er, Brian Krakow and the oh so angst filled relationship with the blissfully monosyllabic Jordan.

The cast was of the time and just plain real in an era before "reality" TV sunk that word into the crapper. But the thing that keeps this show on my Best Ever On TV list is the honesty of creator Winnie Holzman's  (and many others) writing. The anti-quipy-without-trying dialogue is a lesson to anyone who is writing anything. Period. I proclaim (until proven otherwise--go ahead, try me!) the modern YA genre was born in the pages of her pilot script. I say this because the story is still relevant, the characters are still relatible, albeit questionable in the wardrobe department. 17 years later--2 years elder the series main character Angela Chase--the mere mention of this show when I inevitably bring it up at someone mentioning starting a band (possibly named Frozen Embryos?) still gets a hand over the heart, "Omigod I looove that show!" response.

The premature cancellation of this gem is one of the lingering pop cultural travesties of our time. How can a show that is called "the most extraordinary show of the new TV season" by Entertainment Weekly be canceled after only 19 episodes and The Bachelor is on it's 15th season?! I am beyond grateful to Sundance channel for rectifying a tiny piece of this wrong.

P.S. I'm buying this shirt.



  1. I was 15 when MSCL aired for the first time and 15 years later I'm still hopelessly in love with Jordan Catalano. Of course, as an adult I now see what a major douchebag he is, but I love him nonetheless.

  2. Can you believe I've never seen this show!? I'm glad I'll have to opportunity now, that is, if I have the Sundance channel...

  3. Christina! You've never seen My So-called Life?!?! I feel like I need to buy the DVDs for you. Make sure you add them to your Monday DVR.

  4. That One English Teacher, I about fell off my chair laughing at your D-bag comment. :) I don't think I'm mature enough to admit Jordan was a douche. Although I did get very upset when he wrote that song "Red" about his car--not Angela. Boys are so not on our level which sadly doesn't change with age. Hence my love for fictional boys. ;)

  5. I've been watching My So-Called Life on Netflix Instant. I didn't realize it was back on TV, too!

    If you have Netflix you can watch them on your computer or TV through an XBox or Wii.

    Admire how he leans and everyone wears plaid.

  6. Monica, Jordan's leans = my sighs. And I think the costume designer for MSCL must have had some unhealthy obsession with plaid. No one looks good in that much lumberjack attire! :P

  7. I've just finished watching this show, 17 years after its Tv launch, since I live in Italy and My So-Called Life has never been released here. I watched it because I'm a huge fan of Jared Leto and I had to see him in the role that made him a worldwide girl's heartthrob. I loved the show! Jordan Catalano is so real, the kind of guy you should never fall in love with, but so freaking hot you just can't resist! The most dangerous type fo guy. Jared was awesome in that role, he created a character despite he had really few scenes and lines to say.
    It's a shame the show was cancelled.

  8. Sara, I can't believe Italy just got MSCL! It's kinda cool to think that somewhere out there someone (like you!) is experiencing the angsty glory of Angela's life for the first time so long after it aired.

    Now that I'm re-watching the show, I feel like if there was less of her family life aka parents and more of Jordan the show would've stayed with us a few more seasons. I mean the casting director essential discovered Jared Leto for crissakes! How do you not take full advantage?!

    PS Can you tell I share your Jared fandom? ;)Thanks for commenting!!

  9. Bethany, I totally agree that more Jordan and less family life could have saved the show.
    Anyway, I decided to translate MSCL's subtitles to Italian, because very few people have seen it here and there are a lot of Jared's fans in Italy, expecially since he's playng with 30 Seconds to Mars (btw, they're coming in Milan and Rome on June 17-18!). As for me, what made me a fan were the movies Requiem for a Dream and Mr. Nobody. I adore his music, but I also hope he'll go back to acting soon!
    Cheers :)

  10. Maybe I should blog about Jared Leto more. So many comments! Yeah :)

    Sara-You are doing the entire Italian speaking community of the world a favor by subtitling MSCL. You deserve a prize--a Jared shaped cookie or something. HAHA

    If you haven't seen 30STM in concert you def need to check them out when they come 'round. They rock it and Jared runs through the crowd sometimes. Sooo amazing!

    PS I am in love w/Europeans (like you) and their sign off of Cheers. I wish I could pull it off, but alas my tragically midwestern sensibilities don't allow it.